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Ipswich Badminton Performance Centre

General Information

. . . . . . a very concise guide to the junior badminton scene


By joining a club, players are able to play regularly with other club members and may be invited to play matches or team tournaments against other clubs. Some clubs have associated junior clubs.

Clubs may be affiliated to Badminton England and to their county badminton association.

County Badminton Associations

The associations organise county teams to play against other counties in under-14, under-16, under-18, senior and masters age groups. Players may be invited to join the squads from which the teams are selected for each match or team tournament. Squad members are expected to attend training sessions. They do not need to be members of a performance centre. Most junior inter-county matches are within the Shires League.

County associations also organise tournaments.


The performance centre has a number of qualified coaches but coaching may also be available within clubs and county squads. Private arrangements may be made for coaching.

Badminton England

Badminton England manages all aspects of badminton with particular focus on promoting the sport, increasing participation and improving the standard of play from grass roots through to international level. It is a member of the Badminton World Federation.

They liaise with county associations, clubs, schools and colleges as well as being responsible for a number of initiatives.


Tournaments are usually organised by county associations. They may be open or restricted to those living within the county. The open tournaments are usually organised on behalf of Badminton England and performance counts towards national ranking and grading. To enter tournaments, players usually need to be members of Badminton England, for example through being a member of a club affiliated to Badminton England.